Pilates Classes

DATES FOR PILATES CLASSES IN ASHCOTT with Lita de Alberdi on 01458 210596.  Email Lita on somersetpilates@aol.com or visit the website at WWW.PILATESINSOMERSET.CO.UK  Classes are held in Ashcott Village Hall.  We also run classes in Shapwick Village Hall.

Regular class times are: Mondays 2pm, 3pm in the Village Hall, Wednesdays 6pm and 7pm in the Village Hall, These classes are suitable for Beginners and more experienced participants.

Shapwick classes run on Monday evenings at 6pm;Thursday mornings at 10am and 11am in Shapwick Village Hall.

Why do Pilates?
  1. Pilates is a wonderful way to tone and flatten your tummy. 
  2. Pilates will improve the muscle tone in your tummy, bottom, legs and arms. 
  3. Pilates gives you a whole  body workout and more!  We do standing Pilates in our classes as well as matwork which improves balance and helps to teach the body to work correctly whatever you are doing in life.
  4. Our classes make sure that you get the attention you need to work correctly so that you can get the most out of your exercise.
  5. Pilates will really help you if you have back problems.  Back pain experts like physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropracters recommend Pilates because although it is gentle movement, it is very targeted at specific muscle groups.
  6. Pilates is enjoyable, relaxing exercise that clears the mind and increases body awareness.
  7. Apart from building strength, the movements also improve your flexibility.

TERMS OF BUSINESS: Classes cost £7.00 if you pay in advance for the full half term or £10 if you pay per class on a weekly basis or . Paying in advance ensures a guaranteed place for you on your chosen class time. The reduced price is only available for those clients who pay in advance by the full half term. If you have to miss a class then that can be made up but it has to be according to availability of spaces on other classes, so do check if there is space available before turning up.