Wilton Sheepskin

Wilton Sheepskin website –  www.wiltonsheepskin.co.uk  be curious and tap us in to find out whats available or contact us on the numbers below

 01458 210585 or e-mail geoff@wiltonsheepskin.co.uk

We produce handmade sheepskin coats of the finest quality.

All of our coats are handmade to your exact measurements by our master craftsman Geoff Wilton, who has been working with sheepskin since starting out with the world famous Morlands of Glastonbury forty years ago.

Our Somerset workshop is unique, we don’t think you’ll find any other business who will make a luxury sheepskin coat just for you. We use only the highest quality materials including merino wool.

Geoff Wilton – Repairs and alterations of sheepskin and leather garments