Miles & Hurman CIO (Charity Incorporated Organisation)

Charity Commission Registration No. 1164728

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 is a Trust we administer on behalf of the Villagers of Ashcott for their benefit.

 Ashcott Parish Council and Ashcott Parochial Church Council appoint the Trustees

The Trustees provide a fully confidential, sympathetic service and we need your help to ensure that the funds we have available are used to the best advantage.

Please let us know of anyone who could benefit from the service we provide by contacting one of the trustees listed below.

The sort of things we can help with are:-

  • Expenses of those who are affected by ill health.
  • The purchase of special equipment that will make life more comfortable for those in need.
  • Help with traveling expenses incurred by patients and those close to them.
  • The provision of small gifts that express the concern of one villager for another.
  • Help with some educational expenses.

We may help with the special needs of those who face difficult and exceptional circumstances.

  Emma Smith 210637,     Ross Everson 210608

  Peter Rendle 210583,     Margaret Trimm 210448,

  Mark Davey 210356,       Jane Morton 210172. 

  John Harvey 210562    

 Clerk to the Charity – Sandra Frampton 210050

We meet in September, November, March and June