Ashcott Playing Field Committee

Ashcott Coronation Playing Fields Committee was reformed in 2012 with members working towards improving and developing a bigger and better environment for Ashcott villagers.

The Parish Council received a generous donation of colourful trees from the Woodland Trust to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. These trees are due to be delivered in November and planted within the grounds of the Playing Fields. If you are interested in offering a helping hand or have gardening knowledge, it would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Nick Cave on 01458 210643.

The Diamond Jubilee committee have been able to make a sizeable donation to the Playing Field from funds raised by the generous door to door collections used for the celebrations. With the help of this donation we are able to begin to implement our plans and ideas.

Our aims and objectives:

  • To provide a safe and fun environment
  • To apply for grants to improve changing facilities
  • Apply for grants to purchase additional land
  • To make the playing fields a multi sports facility

Keep an eye out for our new website coming soon here you will find updates on our progress, planning ideas and fundraising events.

If you feel you would like to share your ideas and comments please email us at or contact:

Nick Cave, Chairman – 01458 210643
Emily Atkinson, Secretary – 01458 210979
Nina Amesbury, Fundraising Coordinator – 01458 210909


Nick Cave
Ashcott Coronation Playing Fields Committee Chairman