Neighbourhood Watch


Neighbourhood Watch is a free organisation of concerned citizens who are attempting to protect their properties. As well as making sure that our own homes are properly locked and bolted, we keep our eyes open and try to provide information which can be put to use by the legal authorities.

Since many eyes make for better cover than one pair, we seek to pool our efforts and those of all our neighbours. We would like to include you in our scheme.

There is no joining fee, no annual subscription, no uniform, no oath to take or paper to sign. All that is asked is that everyone be aware of unusual activity outside their fences as well as within and pass on suspicions. We don't think of this as being nosy, just prudent. We don't catch thieves ourselves-but we do try to help the police do their job.

Avonand Somerset Police are anxious that this scheme should continue in our village and its surrounds. In an age where they are "strapped for funds" we try to give them free help to achieve their targets.

We also receive regular email warnings of suspicious activity in our area.

Avon & Somerset Police advise action as follows:-                   


            1.If you see an act of theft taking place

ring     999

Somerset & Avon Police aim to be at the scene of a crime anywhere in their area within 20 minutes if their presence will be of use (i.e. the birds have not flown).


            2.If you see something which is highly suspicious, ring the police incident room.

0845 4567000

This is also the preferred action when the thieves have obviously gone from the scene of a crime.


            3.If you see somebody or something out of the ordinary who or which might have a sinister purpose, call our  local beat officer

         01278 816868 70607


           4.Call CRIMESTOPPERS on 0800 555111 if you wish to remain anonymous. It’s free.