Current issues

Please note there is a meeting regarding the event being held on the land off Bradley Stream on Friday 1st June at 7:30 in the committee room being held by the police for any local people that have concerns or questions regarding the event.

Myself and PC Jon Bartlett cover 19 villages on the West Poldens beat along the A39.

We are currently looking to target a few of the problems that appear to be ongoing across the beat in most of the villages and are looking for some help with this from the local people, groups and parish councils.

Three of the main problems that are causing most concern at the moment are parking, speeding and poaching.

We have received numerous complaints regarding inconsiderate or illegal parking in many of the villages out of the 19 that we cover, whether they are parked on pavements, blocking kerbs or inconsiderate parking around school times. We know that on some occasions there have been parking issues on private or unadopted roads where we are unable to legally enforce it but in most cases words of advice will suffice and the problem ends.

We plan to deal with this in different ways depending on the location and circumstances but hopefully by targeting the worst areas the parking situation in your villages will improve therefore making them safer places to live.

Speeding has become a problem with people using many of the smaller narrower roads as a cut through, exceeding the speed limits, often on roads that they are unfamiliar with. We are looking to obtain details of the roads in your villages that you believe are the worst for speeding and times or dates when it is at its worst .

To target this problem we hope to get out with our speed monitoring equipment and paint a picture of how severe the problem is, and when we have gathered enough evidence, look at the most severe hotspots and look to put in place long term solutions to combat this.

With regards to the poaching, this is an ongoing rural issue that has affected many of the villages in some way and is something that as a team we would again like to come down hard on. In some circumstances, poachers that have not gained the permission of the landowner have accessed land and left gates open, allowing livestock onto roads therefore causing serious concern to road users and local people.

We understand that in most cases the poaching occurs late at night to early morning but details of vehicles believed involved in this or local places that you know are used for poaching would be greatly appreciated.

What I would like is any information or evidence to help me put these operations together so we can proactively deal with the issues and will work in partnership with other agencies such as housing, safety camera partnership and our road police unit in a bid to reduce the ongoing issues.

We would really appreciate your involvement and support in this and hope that together we can reduce the problems that affect all of us.

Thank you

PCSO Rachel Aston 7709